Deprogram 1-on-1 with Scott Kiloby

Scott is now offering private sessions. The effective modality Scott co-developed with Dan McLintock, called the Kiloby Inquiries, beautifully simplifies and breaks down a powerful age-old practice (self-inquiry) to radically enable us to address the underlying pain that drives our suffering. The Kiloby Inquiries may be right for you if:

You are ready to put an end to spiritual seeking.

You have had an awakening experience and are looking for deepening and support.

You are ready for post-awakening support to get out of your head and into your body.

You are suffering from anxiety, depression, addiction, or chronic pain.

You are dealing with past traumas.

You are ready to let go of your suffering.

"I have known Scott Kiloby for many years now. He is a teacher who does not simply regurgitate concepts that he has learned from others. His words have been uniquely forged in the fire of his own pain. He speaks with authenticity and integrity from his own deepest experience, and teaches not by trying to be a teacher, but by being a living example of what he teaches. He is a rare breed—a teacher who actually lives and breathes his own message."

Jeff Foster
Author and Teacher
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The best way to immerse yourself in KI practice is to begin with a five-session package so you can meet with me consistently. Together, we'll address stubborn conditioning and turn these tools and practices into a central part of your life! Click below to see my package pricing.

Note: Please check Scott's availability before selecting a session package.

About Scott Kiloby

Scott Kiloby is a noted international speaker, well-respected enlightenment (nonduality) teacher who has helped thousands of people all over the world, an entrepreneur, creative spirit, and a prolific author of seven books that simplify and demystify authentic spiritual awakening as it is taught in the East.

Scott has broken new ground in a number of areas, including being the co-founder and owner of the first two treatment centers in the U.S. to focus primarily on mindfulness and nondual awareness as the central path to freedom in recovery, the Kiloby Center for Recovery (day treatment) and the Natural Rest House (24-hour care facility).

Scott is an innovator in the addiction field, which for decades has shamed, judged, punished, and instilled fear into clients to keep them clean (with a relatively low success rate). After studying that archaic model, Scott developed the New Model of Recovery which contains a zero-tolerance for shaming, judging, or punishing people whether they are using or not.

Instead, Scott focuses on showing people unconditional love and using the Kiloby Inquiries to heal their pain that drives the addiction in the first place. This has been the central key to the success of Scott’s work.

Scott’s work is in no way limited to addiction recovery. Scott is also the developer of several forms of inquiry that help people with a wide array of human suffering other than addiction such as trauma, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, OCD, and general unhappiness with life by teaching them to live in the present moment instead of “in their heads.”

Scott’s work is considered to be on the innovative edge of enlightenment teachings and in the recovery and trauma world.

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